Service and Learning

I am always so grateful for the creativity of my students.  They are so multi talented and capable.  They are also incredibly willing to go the extra mile to really learn those worthwhile bits of sociological information that will help our community make better planning and policy choices.  The range of ideas for research projects continues to amaze me.  They are taking on the tough issues like sexual consent, burial and death rituals, and the racial politics of voting.  It does not get more real.  They are reviewing the quality of housing stock, the availability of affordable housing, and the epidemic of residential segregation.  Others have focused on vaccinations, recidivism, community art, and more.  Please look forward to our May 1, 2019 unveiling of our new look which includes more about our students and their experiences as new researchers.  Community research has never been more exciting!

Getting Better All the Time!

Each semester I learn from the struggles of my students and integrate those lessons into the next class.  Knowing just where new scholars will be challenged by the project allows me to work them through it.  The result is another semester of research to rave about.  As the project grows, I encourage community partners looking to share data to connect with me.  You can leave a message for Crystal Edwards at the University of Nebraska Omaha Sociology and Anthropology office (402) 554-2626.

Getting to Know Omaha

After living in Omaha for ten years it is starting to feel like home.  Each semester I learn something new about the city thanks to the hard work of my students.  Here are some exciting new projects! Whether it is access to healthcare for low income women or homelessness for veterans, it pays to know what is happening in your city.

Crystal Edwards, PhD


About the Omaha Social Project

Omaha frequently makes top ten lists for many different reasons.  This website analyzes numerous sociological aspects of life in Omaha looking for a more thorough understanding than any top ten list can provide. This collection of research is part of an on going project directed by  Dr. Crystal Edwards through an Introduction to Sociology course at the University of Nebraska Omaha.  The students work hard to create projects that apply sociological concepts to  the world they inhabit.  Explore Omaha Social Project by clicking on the left-hand tabs.